Tourism Week celebrations started in Adiyaman

Tourism Week celebrations in Adiyaman, which was hit by Kahramanmaras-centered earthquakes, have started with the welcoming of South Korean tourists.

Within the scope of Tourism Week, tourists coming to the city from South Korea were welcomed with flowers at Adiyaman Airport by Ahmet Misbah Demircan, Deputy Minister of Culture and Tourism, and Suleyman Kılınc, Mayor of Adiyaman. Making a statement to the journalists at the airport Demircan said “Fortunately, our important monuments, especially Nemrut, were not damaged in the earthquake, but some of our historical sites were damaged. As the ministry, we will follow up on them and do our part to bring them back to life. Today, there is excitement in terms of normalization created by the arrival of this tourist caravan. By developing this, we will look to the future with hope and we will endeavor to bring Adiyaman back to its normal days.”

After leaving the airport, the tourist group toured the historical and touristic places of the city.

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